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The Problem: The Lack of Representation in the Media

Channel Black is a storytelling and media training program that develops the strategy, intervention, and spokesperson skills of social movement leaders. We celebrate and uplift the voices of a broad and diverse array of people, activists, and advocates. These voices and experiences inspire a fair and just democracy, as well as an unobstructed national dialogue about anti-Blackness and anti-Brownness, transphobia, and racism.

The work of Channel Black is crucial to building trust with the new American electorate. Besieged by a landscape in which “fake news” and “alternative facts” have fomented suspicion and willful ignorance, we aim to back up our work with thoughtfulness and critical attention to the actual forces that keep us divided.

Channel Black equips our leaders with tools for ethical storytelling and the creation of new narratives. What we’re told and what we believe about people and places determines how we treat them—and those stories, in turn, determine how we think, act, vote, and engage with the systems to which we are all bound.

Our Solution: Give People the Tools They Need to Tell Their Stories

Dangerous, lazy narratives that paint entire places and groups of people with a broad brushstroke are intentional—and political. Over the years, they continue to be cherry-picked and exploited by policymakers and the media for insidious purposes and outcomes.

Often, these narratives are racialized stories that leave people fearful of the “other”—as they reinforce long-standing, deeply held ideas and beliefs that uphold the status quo and current power structures.

Our goal is to disrupt harmful narratives and equip marginalized people with the tools and support to develop and tell their own stories—and to ultimately have a say in how power and resources in the United States are distributed. As such, Channel Black’s multiracial trainers have developed a program that aims to grow the strategy, intervention, and spokesperson skills of these communities in the fight for fairness, equity, and power.

As the conversation on race, racism, transphobia, poverty, climate change, and #metoo continues to evolve, we are bridging the empathy gap, engaging in courageous conversations, and ensuring that democracy includes all Americans, not just a select few.

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We must engage in radical truth-telling about marginalized people by marginalized people. Channel Black trainees subvert traditional ideas about who is and is not considered an expert. Story is the connective tissue of the human experience and a necessary conduit towards evolution. Stories live in our bodies and understanding—and celebrating the intersection of human experience and social justice is also a full-body process. Working from a deeply empathetic orientation, we can do more to make sense of our networked lives, of the intersections of humanity embedded in news and media stories, and of how we can increase thriving for al