2018 Team

M Adams

M. Adams

Madison, WI

  • 2017
  • Fellow

M. Adams is a community organizer and Co-Executive Director of Freedom Inc., where she has began as an intern/and volunteer. Freedom Inc. works with low- to no-income Black, Khmer, and Hmong wimmin; queer folks; and youth in Dane County.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Adams has been in Madison since 2003. Adams’s family has been a primary motivation for her work. Her dad has been incarcerated most of her life, and she comes from a community that has been an extreme target of police violence. In March 2016, Adams’s mother transitioned after fighting cancer and many forms of violence. Adams, who is also a father, names her family as a primary motivator for her work.

As a queer Black person, Adams has developed and advocated for a strong intersectional approach in numerous important venues. Adams is a leading figure in the Take Back the Land Movement and presented before the United Nations for the Convention on Eliminating Racial Discrimination. She is also the co-author of Forward from Ferguson and is currently working on a book about Black community control over the police. Adams contributed intersectionality theory to Why Killing Unarmed Black Folks Is a Queer Issue—comprising an article and a series of talks at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Adams can be seen in person, on TV, or in the newspapers giving near-weekly presentations, testifying at city council meetings, and energizing crowds at protests.