2018 Team


Anna Hirsch, MFA

Oakland, CA

  • 2017
  • Copy Editor

Anna Hirsch, MFA, is a social justice editor (www.ActivistEditor.com) with expertise in anti-racism, anti-ableism, anti-sexism, youth advocacy, social-emotional wellbeing, and sexual freedom. Anna’s editing, copyediting, and proofreading contributions have moved funding toward social good projects, helped promote positive culture change, and supported national high-stakes assessments. Her work has impacted a breadth of movement organizations, including Change.org, the Movement Strategy Center, Presente.org, Forward Together, the NoVo Foundation, OPEN, and the East Bay Community Foundation. Anna’s training includes a BA in English from the University of Chicago and an MFA from Louisiana State University; she also cultivated and refined her skills in managing publication projects and honed her eagle eye for correct grammar and effective writing during her years leading a team of copy editors at WestEd, as well as by serving as an editorial assistant at The Southern Review and at the University of Chicago Press.

Anna wears her heart on the printed sleeve and wants to help your words change the world. Let Anna’s editing support your important work—contact her at [email protected] or 337.335.7567.