About our Program

Channel Black is an immersive training program that prepares Black leaders to construct, optimize, and implement strategic interventions through the media. Taking an iterative approach that is built on the principles of design thinking, our innovative curriculum and seasoned trainers provide wraparound support for Black millennials to absorb, implement, and evaluate best practices in political strategy, media spokespersonship, cognitive science, improv and debate.

We are diversifying the faces of people identified as experts and featured on television, radio, and in print media discussing and intervening on important and polarizing issues that impact Black communities.

Through our work, we are transcending barriers to empathizing with and understanding Blackness and the plight of Black communities in America, developing the strategic thinking, media savvy, and persuasive debate skills of Black millennial leaders, and supplementing tried-and-true, on-the-ground organizing tactics with empirically backed interventions that lead to reduced racial bias and prejudicial treatment by law enforcement, vigilantes, and everyday people.

We are also increasing support for building the social, economic, and political power of Black communities.

The Channel Black training taps into the robust lived experiences of Black leaders and positions them as experts to drive critical conversations through media that affirms Blackness, disrupts white supremacy, and changes human behavior in the era of Donald Trump and Black Lives Matter.

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